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Choosing the correct combination of marketing ingredients for your company can be extremely overwhelming.  Right now, I am compiling a list of what you can do in marketing, and I am already over 140.  Trying to do all 140 simultaneously would be disastrous and lead your business right to its death!  Choosing wisely is vital to the your business’s success.  There are about 15 fixed ingredients that all businesses must have—a name, business card, URL, logo, tagline, graphic identity, stationary, etc.  Then, you need to engage in about 15 or 20 other activities that are specifically based on YOUR business and YOUR identity.  So, how do you choose?  You must think of your target audience when making your decision.  This week, we will tell you four categories you should focus on while choosing the perfect ingredients.

Interrupting your audience:

Imagine you are at a restaurant and trying to determine if you want dessert or not.  You are looking through the menu but unsure if you will order the final course.  As you glance over the menu and chat with your friend, the waiter delivers a chocolate soufflé’ to the table next to you.  From the corner of your eye, it looks like something you may want to try and the smell appeals to you as well.  Now, you are no longer looking at your menu and have no idea what your friend is saying.  You have been interrupted.  In the same way, you must interrupt your target audience.  Get their attention.  Choose ingredients that will intrigue your audience even before they have tried or know too much about your product/service.

Conveying information:

After the waiter leaves the table next to you, you try to subtly take a serious look at the soufflé. You see it is beautifully presented and turning your head towards the dish allows you to take in the delicious smell.  Now, you know more about the dish—you have gathered information about it.  Some of the activities you choose should allow your target audience to gather information about your product/service.  Doing so establishes your credibility.  Make sure the information they gather will prompt them to take a closer look at what you are offering.


After you have looked at and smelled the soufflé, your waiter comes back to the table to ask if you would like some dessert and coffee.  You ask him about the soufflé, and he immediately offers to bring you a small sample.  You have been to this restaurant several times, and this is the first time a waiter has been so thoughtful of your wishes.  Him exceeding your expectations automatically establishes a relationship between the two of you.  After trying the sample and being more than pleased with it, you are now seriously considering ordering the dessert.  You must ensure some of the marketing ingredients you choose have the same impact on your target audience.  Like the waiter, you must establish a relationship with your audience and offer a sample of your product/service. Doing so will often times distinguish you from the competition.  Many businesses overlook the power of building a relationship. If you do this well, it will lead your audience to make a decision—into closing the deal.

Presentation, negotiation, and closing:

You are now ready to order the dessert!  Everyone is satisfied at this point—the waiter for making the sale and you for choosing the perfect dessert.  After you have eaten the soufflé, you leave the restaurant satisfied!  In marketing, some of your ingredients must move your target audience to do the same.  They should eagerly want to “order” your product/service and know exactly how to do so.  Just like at the restaurant, everyone should be pleased in the end.  You should be enthused that you have closed the deal and your target audience should be equally satisfied about purchasing your product/service.

When considering over 140 possible ingredients for your marketing, it is less overwhelming when you use the four categories while making your choices. Remember that your activities should uniquely reflect your business, and always think of how your activities will impact your target audience.  Then, you can be sure your ingredients will create success in your business.

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