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Over 95% of press releases end up in the trash, rather than the news cycle. Why? Because those press releases were interesting, important and relevant to the people who wrote them, but not to the one group they should have been. Nope, not the reporters themselves – their audience.

All the news, all the columns, all the editorials exist to appeal to the audience. To get your story into that news cycle, it must also appeal to the audience. Here’s two ways to make it do exactly that:

  1. First, find your drama. Every classic story is built on tension. What’s yours? Are you addressing the plight of the poor? Succeeding after years of struggle? Taking on the big boys? While most press releases are written as announcements, the successful ones are stories that capture interest.
  2. Secondly, highlight your benefit. Audiences are, made up of humans – and humans are notoriously self-centered. Knowing this, media outlets love to lear with storires that play to their audience’s self-interest. That’s why news anchors use teasers like “After this break: Does the government owe you money?”. or “Next up: How can you loose 14 pounds by the end of this broadcast”. What benefit are you offering to the audience? Do you have new information, a better offer, an opportunity to have fun or help others? Make sure your benefit is clear.

Your story is interesting to you, but to get it published, your story must be interesting to the audience. Take the time to add drama and benefit to your next press release and catch a report’s eye.

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