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About Us

About Us
At Marketing Symphony, we’re passionate about orchestrating breakthrough marketing results for clients who won’t accept anything less. Our clients come to us because they are sick and tired of mediocre marketing. They stay with us because we deliver the measureable results they needed – results that made a difference to their business, and, ultimately to their personal lives. If your current marketing effort is a little flat, call Marketing Symphony. We’ll have you hitting all the right marketing notes in no time.


To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.


Marketing Symphony strives to attain positive, measurable results and return on marketing investments for our clients. Marketing Symphony must therefore:

  • Orchestrate marketing activities strategically
  • Remain solution-neutral
  • Approach marketing holistically
  • Effectively integrate marketing activities together
  • Measure results




To be the marketing firm that positively and strategically improves the organizations and lives we encounter.


What exactly is marketing? According to Marketing Symphony founder Andrew Szabo, “Marketing is everything you do, AND everything you don’t do”. That’s a pretty big window of opportunity! In order to take your marketing to the next level, Marketing Symphony orchestrates the following marketing tools.

  • Strategy – Strategy first. Strategy is the most important ingredient in any marketing effort, yet too often it becomes subordinated to tactics and other details. Tactics overwhelm strategy.
  • Public Relations – Every successful marketing strategy has a corresponding Public Relations component. Whether in the form of a press release, media event or targeted pitch, public relations can raise visibility for you and your marketing efforts. Should the need arise, Marketing Symphony can also handle crisis communications.
  • Videos – Let’s face it, human beings are visual creatures. If you need a digital video created, we’ve got you covered.
  • Direct Marketing – Our direct marketing strategies involve a specific call-to-action to your most coveted prospects and customers along with measurable tracking.
  • Web Development – Whether it’s a just a simple web presence or a full-blown interactive web experience, Marketing Symphony can help you achieve your desired online result.
  • Web Optimization – Effective marketing today requires that your website, however simple or robust, be optimized for the web.
  • Email Marketing – If your marketing strategy calls for email marketing, Marketing Strategy can help you create and implement that strategy.
  • Events – Marketing Symphony can help you plan and execute your next event. We have an array of available event planning experts here on staff.
  • Integrated Marketing – As trends and buying habits ebb and flow, we can help you navigate the waters and offer just the right integrated approach to help you reach just the right customers.
  • Outsourced Marketing – We realize that marketing can get expensive. By outsourcing your marketing to Marketing Symphony, you’ll reap the benefits of greater ROMI – Return On Marketing Investment.