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Table of Contents

  1. Who is Marketing Symphony?
  2. Why is Marketing Symphony different?
  3. What services does Marketing Symphony offer?
  4. Who are the principals of Marketing Symphony?
  5. Who founded Marketing Symphony?
  6. What is Marketing Point?

Who is Marketing Symphony?

At Marketing Symphony, we’re passionate about orchestrating breakthrough marketing results for our clients. We offer marketing solutions for sustained success for clients that are tired of mediocre marketing.

Why is Marketing Symphony different?

  1. First and foremost, strategy. Strategy is the most important ingredient in any marketing effort. Yet, too often it becomes subordinated to tactics and other details.
  2. In tune. Once the strategy is selected, Marketing Symphony delivers meticulous execution. We harmonize all elements for maximum results.
  3. Diagnostic approach. At Marketing Symphony, we begin with a thorough diagnosis of your current marketing efforts, strategy and programs. Then we recommend the Marketing Symphony™ Solution.
  4. Seasoned veterans. It’s rare you’ll find this caliber of professionals in a virtual agency.
  5. Subject matter experts. At the center of our agency is a quartet of professionals who are truly masters at their veterans in their fields: Marketing, PR, writing and graphic design. Other agencies use this caliber of people to pitch a client and then assign junior people. Depending on your needs, Marketing Symphony assigns these people to your account.
  6. Solution neutral. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When we engage with a client, we have no preconceived notions as to what solutions are best.
  7. Measured results. We measure results for proof-positive results.

What services does Marketing Symphony offer?

Marketing Symphony offers a variety of marketing services that will help you speak to targeted audiences. Our passion is birthed out of the strategy sessions we offer our clients. Marketing Symphony also offers Public Relations, video, direct marketing, web development, web optimization, e-mail marketing, event planning, integrated and outsourced marketing capabilities.

Who are the principals of Marketing Symphony?

Marketing Symphony’s principals are Andrew Szabo, Melissa Szabo, Susan Morrow and David Miner. Each seasoned professional is extremely capable and dedicated when it comes to achieving breakthrough results for our clients, finely tuned to delivering customer satisfaction.

Who founded Marketing Symphony?

Andrew Szabo, a marketing author, speaker, strategist, commentator, and consultant with almost 30 years of marketing, business development, and consulting experience founded Marketing Symphony in 2001.

Andrew’s passion is to impact individuals and organizations in order to liberate them for growth and the fulfillment of their intended purposes.

What is Marketing Point?

Marketing Point is Marketing Symphony’s newsletter. Marketing Point offers readers free marketing tips which are both practical and immediately implementable.