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At eMake, we deliver real-time, Internet enabled and ASP solutions for discrete manufacturing across the globe. We created eMake through strategic branding creation and creative development in our partnership with our agency GroupBaronet ... Andrew Szabo was the key integrator. The result: a complete initiative for launch, delivery and maintenance of our core competency. Andrew has been truly dedicated to our branding success by embodying the spirit to deliver dynamic interactive results through complete collaboration with our marketing and new media teams at eMake.
- T. Roberts, Director of Marketing Communications at eMake Corporation

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This Recession is not My Recession

Practical suggestions on not behaving like a lemming. by Andrew Szabo (First published as an exclusive article for “Progressive Distributor”) Few would argue that we are now in an economic recession. The pundits’ endless debate now centers on whether it’s going to be long or short, the landing hard or soft, the impact on the financial markets, the […]